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March 12 Open Practice from 1pm - 5pm

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The 2017 season is approaching fast and Harris Speedway is making preparation for the new season. The schedule is posted on the website and work is in progress at the track to make for a better facility.

Owners of Harris Speedway, Curtis and Doris Teams, wanted to do something new this season at Harris Speedway. As it goes in racing things continue to change and racetrack owners/promotors must think out of the box. They must try new things to keep racing strong and growing for the drivers and fans and to make it affordable for people that want to race but don’t have a lot of financial support.

For the 2017 season Harris Speedway will be running a new division of V6 FWD cars.
6 cylinder race cars is not new to racing and was very strong in the late sixties and seventies. During that time most were a straight 6 cylinder engine which was a common factory production build. As time has changed straight 6 cylinders engines have mostly been replaced with V6 engines and a lot of manufacturers have changed to front wheel drive. “There are a lot of V6 FWD cars out there and there isn’t anywhere running them on dirt. I think they will do real good and we will get a lot of new drivers if we start a V6 FWD division” quoted Curtis Teams.

The division will be a stock class with standard street legal tires. The rules are posted and on the Harris Speedway website. Drivers interested in this new division have plenty of time to get a car built and ready to make its debut at Harris Speedway on May 6.

For track rules, event schedule, points, and all other information about Harris Speedway visit our website at www.harrisspeedway.com or Facebook Harris Speedway.

Go to Harris Speedway website for driving directions or GPS Harris Speedway at 921 Jack McKinney Rd., Rutherfordton, NC 28139.

Upcoming Events at Harris Speedway:
March 12th Sunday afternoon - open Practice 1pm – 5pm
March 18th Saturday afternoon - open practice 1pm – 5pm
March 25th Opening night 1st race of the season . Drivers meeting at 6pm, racing at 7pm.

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