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Where family, friends, & fenders come together!

Where family, friends, & fenders come together!

Entertaining the Carolinas with weekly stock car racing since 1955!

Weekly Divisions

Weekly Divisions

602 Late Model, Renegade, Crate Sportsman, Thunder Bomber, Pure Stock, FWD, Crown Vic, Young Guns, Futures

Next Event

Next Event

Winter Rumble on February 25

Race Day Info

Where Can I Purchase Tickets?
The pit or grandstand entrance.

Do you take cash or cards?
We accept cash, cards, tap, & Apple Pay!

What Time Do The Races Start And End?
Generally the races start around 7pm and end before midnight

Is Camping Available?
Not at this time, but check back!

What Types Of Food Do You Sell At The Track?
Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, fried bologna sandwiches, popcorn, nacos, candy, drinks, and lots more!

What Accommodations Do You Have For Handicap?
Our pit areas and grandstand areas are handicap accessible.

What Are The Track Seating Options?
Bleacher style

Should I Bring Anything Specific?
Some race fans find it more enjoyable to wear ear plugs. We do have earplugs available in the concession stand.

What Items Are Not Allowed At The Track?

*You will be asked to sign a liability waiver upon entry to the gate. Once inside of the gate, Harris Speedway is held harmless from injury/damage that may occur to you or your vehicle.

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