Harris Speedway

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Where family, friends, & fenders come together!

Where family, friends, & fenders come together!

Entertaining the Carolinas with weekly stock car racing since 1955!

Weekly Divisions

Weekly Divisions

602 Late Model, Renegade, Crate Sportsman, Thunder Bomber, Pure Stock, FWD, Crown Vic, Young Guns, Futures

Harris Speedway

4/8/2022 - Harris Speedway

4/8/2022 - Harris Speedway

Harris, NC

17 entries

Pure Stock

A Feature 1: 1. ST7-Nathan Pierce; 2. KILLER-Josh Ayers; 3. 64-TJ Penfield; 4. 44J-Jason McGrew; 5. 3P-Mitchell Parris; 6. 8-Mickey Brock; 7. 0-Bradley Williams; 8. 9-Matt Spencer; 9. 10J-Taylor Johnson; 10. 103-Brittnye Parris; 11. PTM8-Dave Johnson; 12. 4B-Brandon Byers; 13. 116-Jared Dysart; 14. 15T-Tristen Woody; 15. 3-Devon Lovelace; 16. 5W-Dewayne Worley; 17. 52P-David Peterson

7 entries

Young Guns

A Feature 1: 1. 48-Kayden Presnell; 2. 135-Trenten Jamieson; 3. BANDIT-Dale Bennett; 4. 137-Lindsey Bostic; 5. 8-Pierce Harvley; 6. 19-Ethan Fowler; 7. B11-Brodie Garrett

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