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Where family, friends, & fenders come together!

Where family, friends, & fenders come together!

Entertaining the Carolinas with weekly stock car racing since 1955!

Weekly Divisions

Weekly Divisions

Street Stock, Thunder Bomber, Pure Stock, FWD, Ford Outlaws, Young Guns

Next Event

Next Event

Weekly Divisions with the Mid East Street Stocks on June 8th!



Preventing Abuse through Community Education
A Non-Profit Organization by Harris Speedway

Important Announcement

PACE is proud to partner with Trucking 4 Jesus for the month of April. To learn more about how you can give a small amount that will make a big impact, click here
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What Is P.A.C.E?

Introducing HARRIS SPEEDWAY PACE (Preventing Abuse through Community Education), an engaging educational initiative designed for schools and youth-centric organizations across western North Carolina. Our program covers a spectrum of crucial topics, including driving safety, alcohol and drug addiction awareness, bullying, cyberbullying, suicide prevention, and child abuse.

Utilizing racecars as dynamic tools, we captivate the attention of young minds to emphasize the significance of making positive choices from an early age, empowering them to pursue their aspirations. Our overarching objective is to instill the belief that kindness and diligent effort significantly enhance the likelihood of success, both in childhood and adulthood.

Beyond education, PACE serves as an invaluable information hub, directing those in need to the most relevant local organizations capable of providing assistance. Our mission is clear: to assure every child, teenager, or young adult that we are ready to listen and committed to offering support. At HARRIS SPEEDWAY PACE, we strive to make a lasting impact by fostering a community where every individual is aware, empowered, and connected to resources that promote their well-being.

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